Boiler and Vessel Maintenance/Repair

When areas in boilers and vessels are beyond repair, Inter Weld Inc offers the
following services:

• Boiler Tube Replacement
• Plate Fitting
• Carbon Steel Build-Up


Boiler Tube Replacement

Boiler tubes that have a thickness of less than 2.5mm, and where Carbon Steel Build-Up or Weld Cladding cannot be performed, usually need to be replaced. Inter Weld Inc has qualified fitters and welders who can carry out boiler tube replacements.

Our fitters carefully cut the boiler tubes out from the boiler wall. Then they prepare the tubes that remain and the new tubes that will be placed. Our specialized Tig welders then weld up the butts to an x-ray standard. After that we fit and weld the membranes into place.

We can replace and weld any boiler tubes of any diameter to x-ray standard.

Carbon Steel Build-Up

Carbon Steel Build-Up usually is performed on boiler tubes which are too thin to take Inconel directly. Inter Weld Inc can build up the tubes to a thickness which is desirable for Weld Overlay Cladding with Inconel. We can build up most tubes which are at a thickness of 2mm-2.5mm upwards. Tubes that are under 2mm thickness should be replaced.

Plate Fitting

Plates that have corroded, or membranes in the boiler wall which are damaged,
can easily be replaced by Inter Weld Inc. The old plates or membranes get cut or gouged away. Then the new plates get prepared and carefully welded into place.



inter weld are a great company to work for and have enabled me to work on various sites all over Europe ...

Chris Regan
Welder - Weld Overlay