Cladded Membrane Wall

The application of metal weld overlay on water wall panel and boiler tube used in industrial boilers and power plants is a proven and effective method of providing protection against corrosion and erosion. Inter Weld Inc. uses specially designed welding rigs and machinery to ensure continued consistency and a high level of quality.

Membrane wall, individual boiler tube, headers, flanges and more are cladded and protected using the application of our CladFuse® weld overlay process at out 44,000 sqft facility in Belfast. Our current workshop is capable of accepting, processing and delivering orders of all sizes to the agreed specifications and schedules. We can accept orders inclusive of fabrication, design and engineering as well as materials being free issue.


Individual welding procedures are developed to meet each client’s requirement and according to the specifications. Inter Weld Inc. can process panels and boiler tube incorporating a range of clad thickness and a variety of applicable alloys.


We provide the prefabricated cladding of membrane walls for incineration boilers with the Waste to Energy and Biomass industries. Whether it is a new build project or a retrofit Inter Weld has the technology and skill set to perform the project within the desired specification and schedule.


Our bespoke designed cladding system uses a water cooling method developed in-house during the weld process, which considerably reduces the amount of shrinkage. We guarantee you a smooth and high quality finish as our teams only use the most advanced weld systems available - systems which create little or no splatter in the welding process.



Nickol Based CRA’s, Alloy 625, 622(C22), 686

Stainless Steel: Super duplex, chrome duplex, S/S 300 and 400 series. 





Membrane Wall Workshop Cladding Capabilities

3 Welding Towers - 4 machines per tower

12 GMAW Pulse Mig Cladding Machines

4 360 Spiral Boiler Cladding Machines


Maximum Panel Height:        9 meters

Maximum Panel width:         1.8 meters 

Workshop facilities operate   24hrs per day

Maximum Crane weight:       20 tonnes



Membrane Wall                    800m2 per month

Boiler Tube                          5000 linear meters per month