Internal Diameter (ID) Cladding

Inter Weld highly skilled team use specially designed welding equipment to provide our clients with an automated ID cladding service to ensure our equipment has a higher production capacity, enhanced weld chemistry along with a low heat input to provide a weld with minimal dilution. Our cladding has a metallurgical bond to the base metal which increases the thickness of the wall. This is a modified automated Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process used for large and small bore pipes and fittings. We use video welding on pipes larger than 10 inches in diameter.

At our state of the art facility in Belfast, we offer bespoke pipeline cladding services to Oil and Gas industry. A Corrosive Resistant Alloy (CRA) is applied using our own designed technology, according to our client’s specifications.


The application is suitable for both onshore and offshore pipelines with a choice of nickel based or super duplex stainless steel alloys available. The choice of alloys should reflect to corrosive environment in which the element is being used.


Inter Weld is capable of manufacturing a range of pipes, flanges and additional fittings required for critical projects.


Internal Diameter Cladding Capabilities

Twin-Wire, Twin Head Internal Diameter Pipe Cladding Machines

Maximum length; 13 meter double random pipe

Minimum pipe diameter 4” – Maximum pipe diameter 40”plus

Workshop facilities operate 24hrs per day



Nickol Based CRA’s, Alloy 625, 725, 826

Hardfacing: C22

Stainless Steel: Super duplex, chrome duplex, S/S 300 and 400 series.