To ensure the highest quality, consistency and reliability in our weld overlay processes, we use a combination of non destructive testing techniques which are reflective of our client’s specifications and requirements. Our highly trained and experienced quality managers/technicians are approved to all international welding standards.

On completion of all inspection processes Inter Weld Inc will issue final quality documents certifying compliance to the required standards and identifying the methods and techniques used. Certified quality documents for each individual unit can be uploaded via our ‘customer portal’ and easily tracked online, via the website.



All components are subjected to Dye Penetrant testing upon completion of the weld overlay application. DPI testing is according to individual client specifications and shall be documented and certified according the required specification.



Positive material identification (PMI) is achieved using state of the art spectrometers, resulting in measurement of the most flexible working range of alloy metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.


Individual components shall be tested according to the client requirements, determining that the chemical composition of the materials post overlay welding is within the agreed tolerances. 


PMI reports shall be provided as per each individual client specification and documentation provided according to the specification. All documents can be uploaded for our client’s reference via the ‘customer portal’.



Inter Weld Inc ensures the integrity and consistency of overlay welding and base materials are closely examined by using ultrasound techniques, a combination of shear and compression wave probes. All Ultrasound inspections are carried out in accordance with individual client specifications.


External surfaces of ferromagnetic components are examined for surface breaking defects after all manufacturing stages have been completed.

This can be done using either fluorescent or visible techniques.



Using the latest technology, our Quality Managers and Technicians monitor and record the cladding thickness throughout the weld overlay process. All measurements are recorded and documented and reported as per our clients specification.  




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