Waste to Energy/Biomass

The Waste-to-Energy/Biomass sector has undergone a rapid expansion over the last 10 years and with the introduction of new technologies the requirement for the use of cladding/overlay as corrosion/erosion protection in boilers, Super heater bank, economisers, water-cooled combustion grates and wear zones has never been more essential.

The focus for most plants has been on improving the thermal efficiency and thus steam and energy production, as these have a major impact on the plants costs and revenues. With operation hours and plant availability being one of the most important factors for plant owners, and with a typical plant operating for 8000 hours or more,protecting essential pressure elements with cladding/overlay is a commercially viable way of reducing the downtime and maintenance costs.


The use of Alloy 625 and other high nickel based alloys instead of refractory materials for corrosion protection increases the lifespan of the pressure parts in the high pressure and high temperature areas of the boiler. Inter Weld Inc. can apply allow thicknesses as low as 1mm, consistently, for lower pressure and lower temperature areas, whilst ensuring that the iron dilution is kept to a minimum, typically below 3%.


A range of prefabricated cladded products are  available with and without the supply of base materials:


Membrane Wall Workshop Cladding Capabilities

3 Welding Towers

12 GMAW Pulse Mig Cladding Machines

4 360 Spiral Boiler Cladding Machines

Maximum Panel Height: 9 meters

Maximum Panel width:   1.8 meters 

Workshop facilities operate 24hrs per day


Alloy ion

Nickol Based CRA’s, Alloy 625, 622, 686

Hardfacing: C22

Stainless Steel: Super duplex, chrome duplex, S/S 300 and 400 series.