Pulp and Paper


Inter Weld Inc Ltd provides weld overlay services for the purposes of  protecting digesters in the pulp and paper sector.  Digesters in kraft mills in the pulp and paper making industry are integral to the process of paper making where pulp is broken down for the change from wood to paper as the end product. But the effects of 'black liquor' contained in the process can cause serious corrosion which attacks the internal vessel walls. We have worked on numerous weld overlay projects across Europe on digesters which we have gouged and inspected.


Debarking drum

Debarking drums have been used at paper mills for over a century now with the process still remaining largely the same. Loads of logs are fed into the drum and are rotated in a rolling motion. Not only does this mean bark comes away from the logs but it also means damage is caused to the drums. Inter Weld Inc Ltd teams have worked on debarking drums at paper mills across Sweden and in Austria where we have been commissioned for gouging and welding crack repairs.


Recovery Boiler

Recovery boilers are very much at the heart of the paper and pulp industry but it is perhaps the most capital intensive operation in a mill. An average recovery boiler processes approximately 1,300 tons of black liquor per day.  It acts as a high pressure steam boiler and a chemical reactor with reductive and oxidative zones. Components in the boiler are subjected to high temperatures, gases and chemicals which are severely corrosive. Our teams work on projects to prolong the lifespan of recovery boilers.