Integrated Management System

Inter Weld Inc. Ltd is a Company that specialises in corrosion protection across the waste, energy

and oil and gas industries, throughout Europe and the UK.


It is the policy of Inter Weld Inc. to operate an Integrated Management System in accordance with

the requirements of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 and in doing so comply with any

Statutory Health, Safety or Environmental Legislation in the country in which the Company is



The overall aim of the policy is for the provision of a Healthy, Safe and Environmentally friendly

and Quality orientated workplace for employees, customers and partners at the Company

workshops, or in the field.


Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Management are viewed as core business values.

The Company will use the Integrated Management System as an improvement tool to continually

improve these core values.


To consistently provide a high standard of service that meets the expectations of our Customers

and Partners in line with our core values, Inter Weld Inc. aims:


To set objectives which:

o Enhance our Quality Management System;
o Reduce the Company’s Environmental Impact;
o Reduce the risk of accidents, injury, loss or ill health to as low a level as is reasonably practicable and maintain that level, and:

  • To regularly review progress in meeting these objectives;
  • To continually improve the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality systems at the Company workshops and for mobile field operations;
  • Meet environmental Legislation relating to waste management and the prevention of pollution to water, land and air emission;
  • To continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental performance;
  • To comply with all statutory Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation relating to emergency preparedness, accident investigation, risk assessment and safe systems;
  • To consult with employees through meetings, inspections and audits, in order to continually improve the health, safety and environmental culture of the Company.
  • All employees are required to understand, implement and maintain the ethos of the Company's policy statement.